Sintered metal porous material


filter What is sintered mesh?
  Sintered mesh is a rigid structured composite consisting of multi-layers of metal woven mesh, manufactured from a special lamination design and undergoing a combination of processes such as rolling and vacuum sintering.
filter Features

This material is able to maintain the simple structure and even pore distribution characteristics of ordinary metal woven mesh. Yet, at the same time possess high strength and good integrity, and also able to maintain a stable and rigid mesh shape. In addition, sintered metal mesh porous material has good permeability and excellent regeneration ability.

filter Sintered stainless steel mesh
  Our main products is 5-layers stainless steel mesh which can be fabricated in cylindrical and disc format with variety of length, diameter and endcap configuration. >>detail
filter Advantage

Weldability, Easy fabricated, Durability, Heat resistance, High pressure-resistant, Washability,

Uniform aperature size.

It means The sintered lamination can with stand higher pressure and throughputs without deflecting or dishing.

filter Cleanablity
  Can withstand many cleaning process. Main method is Reverse Flow, Ultrasonic Cleaning and Chemical Cleaning.
filter Line of products
vacumm furnace

We provide various size of sintered metal mesh in material of stainless steel and titanium. Size can sintering up to maximum size according to customers' request.

Standard size: 500*1000mm

filter Material for sintered mesh

AISI316, AISI316L and Titanium >>chemical

filter Mesh construction

We offer sintered stainless steel mesh in typical standard and custom-made.

Standard mesh is 5-layers sintered stainless steel mesh in AISI316L.

filter Standard

5-layers sintered stainless steel mesh

100+filter layer+100+12/64+12/64 @ 1.7mm thickness

100+filter layer+100+12/64+12/64+12 @ 3.5mm thickness

filter Filter Elements
  Design and build of cylindrical elements, disc elements and leaf elements.